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Convert Kilogram to Ton (assay) (UK)

Please provide values below to convert kilogram [kg] to ton (assay) (UK) [AT (UK)], or quite the opposite.

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Kilogram to Ton (assay) (UK) Conversion Table

Kilogram [kg]Ton (assay) (UK) [AT (UK)]
0.01 kg0.306122449 AT (UK)
0.1 kg3.0612244898 AT (UK)
1 kg30.612244898 AT (UK)
2 kg61.2244897959 AT (UK)
3 kg91.8367346939 AT (UK)
5 kg153.0612244898 AT (UK)
10 kg306.1224489796 AT (UK)
20 kg612.2448979592 AT (UK)
50 kg1530.612244898 AT (UK)
100 kg3061.224489796 AT (UK)
1000 kg30612.24489796 AT (UK)

How to Convert Kilogram to Ton (assay) (UK)

1 kg = 30.612244898 AT (UK)
1 AT (UK) = 0.0326666667 kg

Example: convert 15 kg to AT (UK):
15 kg = 15 × 30.612244898 AT (UK) = 459.1836734694 AT (UK)

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